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March 2011

Tuesday 22nd Forum, Neuhofen

May 2011

Friday 6th Genusszentrum, Schlierbach

June 2011

Friday 3rd Genusszentrum, Schlierbach
Wednesday 22nd Lido, Linz
Sunday 26th Stiftshof, Kremsmünster

July 2011

Friday 1st Genusszentrum, Schlierbach

August 2011

Friday 5th Radio B138, Kirchdorf
Friday 5th Stadtspektakel, Kirchdorf
Saturday 6th Hüthmayr, Kremsmünster

November 2011

Friday 18th Kuba, Linz

March 2012

Friday 9th Kuba, Linz

June 2012

Saturday 16th MuKuKu, Kremsmünster

July 2012

Friday 6th Genusszentrum, Schlierbach

August 2012

Saturday 4th Stadtspektakel, Kirchdorf

September 2012

Saturday 22nd Stiftshof, Schlierbach

November 2012

Saturday 10th Anton Bruckner Centrum, Ansfelden
Sunday 18th Stadthalle, Kirchdorf

January 2013

Friday 25th Beck's, Zwettl a. d. Rodl Local Heroes Contest Vorrunde

March 2013

Saturday 2nd Spinnerei, Traun Local Heroes Contest OÖ-Finale
Friday 15th Landesgalerie, Linz Jazzweekend 2013
Sunday 17th Radio B138, Kirchdorf
Friday 22nd Zementwerk, Kirchdorf

April 2013

Saturday 20th Spinnerei, Traun Local Heroes Contest Halbfinale

July 2013

Friday 5th Schloss Neupernstein, Kirchdorf Jazztage Kirchdorf / Support für Hot Pants Road Club
Sunday 7th Radio B138, Kirchdorf
Friday 19th Rock im Dorf Festival, Inzersdorf Rock im Dorf Festival

August 2013

Friday 2nd De Caro, Kirchdorf

October 2013

Friday 4th Musiktheater, Linz Support für Manfred Paul Weinberger QurARTett

December 2013

Friday 20th Genusszentrum, Schlierbach

January 2014

Friday 10th Down Under, Wien EP II Releaseparty

March 2014

Friday 14th Pfarrsaal, Neuhofen
Monday 17th Radio Orange, Wien

June 2014

Saturday 7th Kumbergsee, Graz
Friday 13th Stadthalle, Kirchdorf Charitylauf Kenia

July 2014

Thursday 17th Rock im Dorf Festival, Schlierbach Jazz im Hoizwerk

August 2014

Thursday 28th Genusszentrum, Schlierbach OÖ. Literaturfestival

September 2014

Saturday 20th FS Kremstal, Pettenbach Freie Schule Kremstal

November 2014

Thursday 27th Intersport Pachleitner, Hintestoder

May 2015

Tuesday 19th Café Carina, Wien
Tuesday 26th Kunsthure, Graz

June 2015

Friday 12th Bernardisaal, Schlierbach

March 2016

Saturday 5th Bruckneruni, Linz Jazzweekend AK 7€
Monday 14th Zementwerk, Kirchdorf Kultur im Zementwerk VVK 15€, AK 18€

April 2016

Friday 15th Radio Orange, Wien
Sunday 17th DasBACH, Wien w/ Afro Roots AK 8€

May 2016

Tuesday 3rd Geschlossene Veranstaltung, Wien

July 2016

Saturday 2nd Geschlossene Veranstaltung, OÖ
Saturday 2nd Theatersaal, Schlierbach INOK Sommerfest
Thursday 14th Sägewerk Dickbauer, Inzersdorf Jazz im Hoizwerk

August 2016

Saturday 6th Geschlossene Veranstaltung, OÖ

September 2016

Friday 30th Geschlossene Veranstaltung, OÖ

October 2016

Friday 14th Geschlossene Veranstaltung, OÖ
Saturday 29th Rugby Embassy, Wien

November 2016

Saturday 5th Hailife, Nußbach Kulturherbst Nußbach VVK 8€; AK 15€

April 2017

Friday 7th Lokschuppm, Klaus

June 2017

Friday 2nd Forum, Neuhofen

October 2018

Thursday 25th Kinosaal, Kirchdorf Radio B138 Fest 10€/12€


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